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  • Anesthetic choices are based upon personal preferences, surgical indication, and presence of various medical conditions. Consultation is always recommended to help determine the correct anesthetic choice for your procedure. There are various anesthetic choices you can make with regard to your oral surgical care.
  • The following list is what is currently available:

This is still the most common form of anesthesia used in our office. Generally a topical anesthetic gel is applied to the gum, and Novacaine like medication can then be placed into the gum tissue, allowing for pain-free minor oral surgical procedures.

Nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture is a gaseous analgesia which also causes relaxation during oral surgical procedures. However, it is used in conjunction with local anesthesia to insure a pain-free experience.

These procedures cause various degrees of sedation, amnesia, or sleep for the procedure. For these procedures, there are special requirements, listed below:

For you surgical procedure, intravenous sedation (IV) and general anesthesia is used to provide a comfortable and safe surgical experience. As a result, the anxiety and fear of undergoing surgery is removed. Your safety is the number one concern in our office. We use the most modern equipment and monitoring systems in our office to ensure your safety and well-being. As a result your procedure can be performed in a safe and cost effective manner in our office surgical suite/center. Click on the link below for further information on anesthesia from the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons:

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